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Copyright notices

Why do people who post their work spoil them by putting copyright notices across the images

Once again, this morning I see an uploaded painting completely ruined by with a copyright notice pasted right across the middle. There was a time when a discrete signature was sufficient to indicate who owned the copyright. Would they enter a competition by submitting an image overwritten with "Copyright J Bloggs"? No. Would they ever sell a painting with "Copyright J Bloggs" scrawled across the middle? No. Do they insist that paintings reproduced in "The Artist" are emblazoned with "Copyright J Bloggs". No. Does the Saatchi Gallery despoil images of painting for sale with copyright notices? No. Curiously I randomly samples 2 pages from the website of the artist who triggered this blog. Only one out of about 40 images was despoiled with a copyright notice. But to get back to the point, what you do on your own website is up to you, but if you are that concerned about copyright that you feel it necessary to spoil your images, don't post them on an open website whose purpose is for others to enjoy the artwork.

Only just seen this - I agree, basically, but if the artist you're talking of is the one I suspect, a point is being made which I can't address without breaking a confidence! Cryptic, I know, sorry: but there was a reason for it if that is indeed the artist concerned. I agree it disfigures work - and of course you don't get notices like this in an exhibition, where theoretically someone could take a photograph of it and then copy it; unlikely though that is. Online, however, it's very easy to steal someone's image and then present it as your own, and there are people who have done this. There's an issue about Chinese art-factories churning out paintings based on or simply nicked from artists outside of China, because the Chinese aren't signatories to the copyright convention - incredibly sad, given the treasury of superb artworks produced in China that some unscrupulous companies feel the need to steal from elsewhere. I don't put a copyright notice on my work when I post it, because I think it's fairly pointless - and also: no one has tried to copy me yet, so far as I know..... I feel quite aggrieved....

I agree totally with you Tony. If you are so concerned that someone might copy or download your work then reduce the pixels instead of plastering something across the image. Quite honestly, I sometimes feel it's a bit presumptuous that anyone might want to.

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