coloured & pastel penciils

coloured & pastel penciils


As Iv,e tried one or two mediums,I'm well into using coloured pencils and pastel pencils,which I find you get some great good out comes and ideas, I use Derwent Coloursoft pencils and Caran D' Crache pencils and Derwent pastel pencils, and Derwent Metallic pencils,so now hoping to get some reasonable results. D.J
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Hi Ann tried to send some doggy pics tonight but they came back into my in box will try again I thought I might have your email address wrong but I havn't...I will try is difficult to get them together in this hot weather but my eyes are ever open

Hi Ann how are you thank-you for your comments on my bird thing...i'll now have to get on with the landscape i'm painting for a young couple for a house warming gift i've done about 1/3 of it then got the frights but that's gone now so tomorrow weather permitting i'll start on it again or else they will be on the pension before I finish it...i'll start back practicing the Chinese Brushwork when i've finished the's intriguing me how they make something so beautiful from just a few brush strokes...I have some photos of the dogs which I will send tomorrow...i'll also send the one of them together on the arm of the couch but it's only a mobile picture but it's one that's so cute it would be great if I could catch them like that again and get them with the camera...keep well Ann

Hi Ann yes they often sit like that usually if there's some choccy around as soon as I get some i'll post to your web site ...yea the aches and pains...pain in the but literally but I suppose I can count my blessings if I had not had the op the Drs gave me two years and then a wheel chair...old nurse..and in just one accident I ruptured 2 discs and ripped the facet joint ligaments on both sides of my back then all the scar tissue when they healed...fortunately I had the best neuro surgeon in Perth my GP made me wait he said some surgeons would operate on a dead in some ways i'm lucky...I don't know my limitations that's the problem so at the moment just take the pills and don't complain although every time I move this groan escapes my mouth but it will pass...i've ordered a scooter at the shopping centre tomorrow and daughter's dropping me off so I don't have to drive...i'm looking forward to seeing people get out of my way and not go out of their way to knock me idea of fun...and they go quite fast too