CindyShoes Launches Website; Features Affordable H

CindyShoes Launches Website; Features Affordable H launches to feature high-end shoes at affordable prices. Styles include CindyShoes boots, flats, pumps, sandals, slingbacks, snow boots and wedges

After making shoes for many famous international brands, CindyShoes acquired its own brand name, and has now launched a new website,, to display its unique, out-of-the-ordinary and contemporary lady’s shoes. Styles include CindyShoes boots, flats, pumps, sandals, slingbacks, snow boots and wedges. CindyShoes fits the needs of the young, modern, and urban woman. CindyShoes’ elements of eastern fashion, life function and beauty coexist to create a modern aesthetic. Women’s shoes by CindyShoes are composed of trendy designs and simple atmospheric styles, which fully display the sense of high quality fashion and contemporary feeling. CindyShoes provides clear descriptions and close-up images of its products with accessories to match. The new website divides shoes into style categories for easier navigation, and once the customer selects her shoe of interest, she will also find an array of matching accessories, including clothing, makeup and handbags. The owner of said, “Whether you want to look stunningly beautiful at a party or you want to be a stylish lady at work, CindyShoes can actually turn a simple everyday girl to an exceptionally gorgeous lady.” The site also features a shoe specials page which lists additional savings of up to 80 percent off the original price. is also celebrating the website launch by providing free international shipping to its customers. To start shopping, visit or follow the company on Twitter @cindy_shoes About CIndyShoes provides trendy designs and high quality fashions to inspire the philosophy that wearing shoes reflects one’s inner attitude. CindyShoes believes that the ‘shoe is the second face of female;’ a pair of nice shoes will enable a woman’s life to be full of flavor and energy. Contact: [email protected]
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Good on Ya as we would say in that back and shoulder

thanks patsy.......well i did the planting and partner did the digging........felt strange sitting back and watching someone else do the hard work........been a long day at my easel out and paints are ready so am off too loose myself on canvas.........

Hi Ruthy glad to hear your partners mother has been sick...look after that shoulder don't be out digging and that it will be there in a couple of weeks...that is a lovely drawing of a seagull so much movement keep well and look after your self

thanks phil and max............did a little gardening but too cold ......and very windy.......

Hi Ruthy. Resists temptation re shoulders & round things...GWS...keep on drawing-painting & posting here please...

You are one brave lady thinking about doing digging & planting while getting over a bad shoulder.......but good luck in doing so. Glad to hear your partners mother is on the mend. Look forward to seeing some of your work on the gallery