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Bosom Mitra

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It has been a long time in POL now, yes its a fact that I joined a couple of months ago but I think there is something which is making me feel that I am connected with some or the other bond since years. I was totally surprised and shocked when I received comments for my artwork. They were really encouraging me to upload more work. Apart from these, POL has connected me to the bond with artists which is really very special. We all talk to each other with the subject of art. What binds us together is art. We all have a relation of humanity with each other. We don't know each other and its a really beautiful thing we inspire each other without knowing each other. This is a great platform where art actually can breathe and beat in hearts of every artist. Each and every artist is a contributor in inspiring those who exist here in some or the other way. Stay Creative.. Stay Inspired... Stay Blessed..

I would agree to everything you have said Manashree. This website is not just about the art we create but how we inspire others.

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