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Bosom Mitra

Inspiring people by motivating through art.

Have you ever observed the changes in yourself when you are being creative ? If you have, you will find yourself uplifted your soul and healed. It changes everything from negative in to positive. It about becoming a better person. As progress is secret towards happiness, creativity which you try to explore will lead you to a persona of better individual. All those things which are associated with creativity includes emotions, hardwork, efforts, thoughts, mistakes, fear, courage, execution and much more will polish you in some or the other way. It is an expression of soul which will make you great. I wish you could also observe the changes in yourself when you are being creative... Stay Creative.. Rise Higher... Stay Blessed...

I would say that I have observed the changes after being creative. I'm happier and more relaxed. Perhaps a lot more creative people are feeling the same Manashree.

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