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Bosom Mitra

Inspiring people by motivating through art.

When I was a child, I was fond of keeping art journals and scrapbooks. But as I grew up,slowly and gradually I left it, as was involved in studies and then hustles and bustles of life. But when I started painting again, I found myself collecting something what life has given me. For me, what I explore through painting in the form of art is an expression which my soul does. Its like, I am expressing through colours. Even when I look at my Bosom Mitra Gallery on this website I find it like a digital diary turning pages with every new expression. It motivates me to add some more pages in my diary by creating something new which my heart wants to express. I am glad that I have got my old way of expressing back through paintings. It really makes me happy collecting and expressing things manually. As artist expresses emotions in his art I think this quote justifies the statement very well. I think there are many more artists who may have felt something like this. Art brings joy and will always do. Create more.. Express through art.. Stay Blessed...

And we enjoy looking at your works of art Manashree.

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