Abby watercolors

Abby watercolors


My watercolors are french and belgan landscapes I love I also practice chinese painting with great pleasure I live in Paris (France), but I go to the country the more I can My watercolors would like to show you my love for nature And....sorry for my english :-) :-)
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Then there is basic time-management....list things to do today...ditto tomorrow...ditto next week... After two weeks the things left on the last [weekly] list can now be discarded....

Just be selective bold decisions, simpler compositions, paint faster, paint simple, quicker drying paints, good paints, big brushes, robust smaller surfaces to paint on...and the world is on hold while you do it...perhaps

Lovely daisy Maureen...time don't know what it is or where it goes...good to be busy but nice to have time on your hands a catch 22...must go to your gallery and have a look at your horse

Hmmm, I often wonder Phil. There's a whole heap of stuff piling up that I want to paint but don't have the time. Do you think you could arrange for a few more hours in a day? Just for me or anyone else who doesn't have enough.

No long may it continue...I like the daisy...busy people get things done...