A little bit about me

A little bit about me

Sharon Lacy

Hi everyone, I'm new to this site and relatively new to painting too. I only started painting in 2008 and wish I had started years ago. I go to an evening class once a week, I have a fantastic tutor called Manson Blair who is a brilliant artist and he has taught me everything I know about painting. I paint with acrylics and haven't tried oils or anything else for that matter.
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Hi Judith I have found you thankyou for your nice words much appreciated...my daughter bought me a lovely digital camers for xmas and I managed to crash the site trying to load images...if you have one...they have really come down in price lately...read instructions on downsizing images within the camera to 0.3 it's dead easy once you know how ...do this before you load them onto your computer...when posting in the gallery press browse and that will take you to your computer a little button on the bottom says all files when you press that the 2nd is jpeg press that the rest will be right in front of you...hope I havn't bored you to death but I know what it feels like and others might try to help or don't have the time but there is nothing like doing it yourself...but a word of warning if you buy a new camera don't load the cd that usually comes with them...I did and what a job I had finding my pics best to leave well alone have to find a way to disinstall it without it taking all my pics with it...all the best with your stuff and I still think your bird is beautiful and don't let others cruel remarks disenchant you

JPEG? its the thing that most cameras do for storing the image..so said the mini-sprogs (aka the grandchildren)....Crop? chop off the bits that are not the painting (bits of background)...Balances? fiddle with the; exposure/colour/contrast...Full JPEG?...uses lots of computer space...Compressed JPEG? either by computer or the camera...smaller space on the computer & quicker to get onto this site (lower image quality though).

Hi Phil, thanks for the instructions. I'll definitely have a go although there is already a lot of computer language in there that I am not sure of. Nothing like trying though.

Get the lighting set...Flash off...Take a photo...Flash on...Take another picture...download them to your computer...crop them...fiddle with the balances...compress to small files (for a quicker upload, or choose a quieter time of day here)...save them...choose the better looking one...now upload it to your gallery...If Meltemi can do it so to can you.... ADDS keep two Art Gallery Folders: one full JPEG file & one compressed JPEG file for all of your artworks...OH and build your own website...Meltemi managed this without the mini-sprogs...yes it was that easy.