30 paintings in 30 days

30 paintings in 30 days

Join an online challenge to create a painting a day for 30 days

Last January I joined on online community of artists with the commitment to paint a picture a day throughout the month of January. This was the idea of American artist Leslie Seata. We posted our paintings each day to her blog which then linked back to our own. The main advantages were that, because it was a public commitment, it was more of an incentive to paint, it increased traffic to your site, you were introduced to loads of very good artists and above all, I saw an improvement in my work. I decided that for the month of January, I would paint a landscape each day, plein air, yes, I know, I was mad as it was very cold this year but I did it, I painted out every day. Why am I posting this now? She's at it again and I have signed up. If you are interested too copy and paste this link http://30paintingsin30days.weebly.com Wish me luck and if you want to follow my progress my daily blog is www.moteeuwart.blogspot.com
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Brilliant idea . these look lovely. Am in the middle of all sorts of eye probs at the moment or I might have been induced to join you.

Best of luck with the challenge ahead, Mo! A great way to keep learning and growing, I'm sure, remembering what went well and not so well from the previous day's work.

Good luck Mo but I'm sure you won't need it!!

You are brilliant and a true master Mo