Hi Patsy, I know what you mean about the colours - I seem to remember having the shakes about the sky in the exmoor picture looking similar to that of the Simpsons. I remember working in algeria, and trying to contrast the orange of the desert with the blue of the sky and attempting to make it look real, every time I did, it turned out like a cartoon image, even though thats just what it was like - it just didn't look right. Nature can be strange.

Hello again Ian good to hear from you...I think your painting looks great and you should indeed be proud of that sky it's lovely...I'm working on an Australian sky with watercolour at the moment and I may say gingerly...the blues here are so strong yet I managed to make them too strong...I might take a leaf from your book and try them on the computer first

Hi Ian no problem re deleted comment...seas? paint them flat? they don't like it...paint them wild? they don't like the medium swell might appeal...