[ I do mixed media and collage because I can easily express myself more than speak. My challenge is how I show my subconscious mind to everyone without moving or saying physically - it's all about inside of me. All works feature the element of surprise and unexpected juxtapositions-Working with elements from the tradition of Surrealism- And Old School hand-made collages augmented with drawing and painting techniques.- The recurring motifs in work have to do with the psychological exploration of the relationships between the ego (conscious mind), the personal unconscious, and the collective unconscious- ]
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Hi Colin me again just re-read your post if you want to leave a note on your blog go to your blog and you will see there how to update your blog if that's what you meant good luck

Hi Colin there a lady who is into marine painting at the moment if you scroll through the blogs you will see it...I was clueless but kept trying and now getting quite proficient...i'm quite proud of myself...do you have a digital camera if so take pictures of your work if you have grandchildren they are the best people they really know how to work these things...I crashed my site the first time I tried...but when I read the instructions of the lovely camera my daughter bought me for xmas it was all there...so when in doubt read instructions...if you have problems email the team I found them very helpful...the digital camera is the answer...I dont have a lot of work but it is on the gallery here under patsy's offerings some of them are very old from the 80's when I was at night school...so I have only recently started again and I am using books at the moment...I started back with acrylics I have never used them before so at first they were a bit of a trial...my art shop had a special on oils so I bought a heap with that new no odour solvent and i'm also trying out some Chinese Brush Work...but here in Perth West Australia i'm finding it to hot to paint it's very draining and inspiration is hard to come by at the moment...I have been looking for a group here that dosn't cost a fortune and had no luck until today when a flier came through the letterbox offering short 1 term courses very reasonable it's adult education through the Government...in the 80's I had been studying for a diploma in fine art through the same organisation so I was very happy to see that little bit of paper...enjoy your time in Tennassee and write and tell us all about it when you get back...i'll scroll down the blogs and find the lady who is painting boats and let you know...thankyou for replying to my post...patsy king

Hello Patsy, thanks for message, same to you and yours. I`m clueless on this sort of thing, would really love to chat on marine painting now that I`ve started again, but have no idea ho to show my work. Yep. Really cold here, coldest winter for many a year, at least I`ll soon be warm, going to visit my son in Tennassee in march also delivering a couple of commission paintings I finally got round to completeing. Do you work in oils or water? where and how can I see your work? All for now Regards Colin.

Hi Colin hoping you and you and your family had a great Xmas and New Year I havn't looked in the gallery much and I know I should but living in West Oz by the time i've finished blogging it's really late I think i'll have to go to the gallery first in future...at the moment i'm really enjoying this site for me at the moment it's to hot to paint can't summon up the energy...will make a point of talking to you again hoping you havn't given up on the site...I found when I posted some pictures on a new blog post that people really started talking...it's as if they get to know you through your art or photos...because I live down under the flowers in our garden are in full bloom and because the UK was having such cold weather I thought I would post a flower a day to cheer people up that made me many friends and that I really enjoy...hoping to hear from you

Best Blog on here !

Well you did it! Happy New Year to you and all. From Angie