Watercolour paper sides

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Watercolour paper sides

Is there a correct side to work on watercolour paper?


Ask Jacksons: Is there a correct side to work on watercolour paper?


 Most artist quality watercolour papers are made on a cylinder mould machine, and there are slight differences between the two sides of cylinder mould-made paper. The ‘felt side’ is the side which is formed in contact with the woollen felts, while the ‘mould side’ is in contact with the wire mesh. On most watercolour papers, the differences between these two sides is very slight. The felt side tends to have a more random texture, while the mould side might be a little more uniform in texture. If the paper is watermarked, the felt side is the side from which the watermark reads correctly. Packs and blocks of paper tend to be presented with the felt side up, because it is usually the side that is preferred by artists. That being said, there is no correct side to work on, and it is a good idea to test both sides to see which one you prefer.


With handmade watercolour papers, the difference in texture between the two sides is more pronounced. Again, the side you choose is down to personal preference.













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