Danielle Lisa


Over the years I have been on and off picking up a pencil and paint brush experimenting and emulating. I have never really dedicated as much time to learning the craft and finding my style as much as I desire… I have much to learn! Something has shifted in me recently and I’m feeling inspired to put in more effort and grow. I have no particular style as yet, I’m completely unsophisticated in that respect. I’m comfortable with dabbling and seeing what comes and thought by putting my pairings in a place together, I can begin to see what I’m all about. I hope by sharing some of my work I can receive feedback to support me in my journey and learn from others. I can see this forum has an array of wonderful artists of all levels and I’m excited to jump in amongst you all 😊 Thank you for taking the time to look at my work and share your own. Much love, Danielle x