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FRESH SQUEEZED… In a drop of a hat, life can change and we can fight it,or roll with it. In my case, I prayed and rolled. I went from a career of working in the field of interior design to working full time as an artist. It all happened fast and it all happened like it was a master plan God had in store for me all along. American~Floridian artist Debra Lyn Rosenbach is a new and emerging artist in the world of watercolor and mixed media. Throughout her adult life she’s worked in the field of interior design, which’s allowed for her to creative beautiful home decor for home owners and builders alike. And then one day, bam! Life happened, and Debra’s course was altered. With a bit prayer she started a new way of expressing herself and that was though watercolor. She soon found out that her keen eye for color helped translate onto paper in a loose, impressionistic style that many admired. Though encouraging requests she started a YouTube channel for other to follower her on her journey with her new love for watercolor and mixed media. Her popularity has quickly gaining traction from a world wide audience where she teaches that watercolor in its beauty is found when you allow it to take you on a journey, instead of you taking it on one. Life can throw a lemon at you, but sometimes that lemon can be mixed with water and make fabulous lemonade, in this case it was mixed with “water”color.