Julie Taylor-Lange


“The scientist in me seeks the truth and detail, the artist in me seeks the emotion” “Drawing for me is meditative, an escape, painting is energetic and a release” My father was an engineer, but in his heart an artist. I try to learn from him and his precision, but to free myself from the restraints of compliance. I don't specialise - art is a journey. I try to depict what I feel as much as what I see when I work. I flip between highly detailed drawings and expressive painting depending on my mood. Have also done contracts for stage sets & Cafe boards just to flip my brush! Trained at the Musik und Kunst Schule Luebeck, Germany, recently re-located to the UK based in Brightlingsea Essex. Art has to fit in with our busy family of 4 boys and our business. The years I spent abroad and travelling have enriched my palette and appreciation of the everyday - especially the importance of friends. Whilst in Germany I did a lot of "Pro Bono" work to support community projects. One of these was the "Urzeithof" (www.urzeithof.de) a fabulous museum, based in a barn, that brings the pre-historic World to life for school children. Now the Seascape I live in is where it is at. I exhibit and sell a lot of my work at The Christine Storey Gallery in Brightlingsea, and in aid of charity at the Brightlingsea Sailing Club. Thank you for connecting - feedback welcome. My spirit is still on a strange journey.