Rob Wigham


I am a watercolour painter living and working in the beautiful north of Scotland. Although my painting began with landscape works, I have recently begun painting aircraft, especially with a military theme. I often enjoy placing many of my aircraft in a landscape setting of their own! I am self-taught in art. I began with pencil and pen and ink work several years ago, graduating onto watercolour only fairly recently. Although I have dabbled in other media from time to time, watercolour remains my main focus. It's a medium I enjoy painting in, and I'm a big fan of several other watercolourists' work. I love the unpredictability of watercolour, and the need to 'listen' to the painting as it is being created in order to know where it wants to go. And I find endless fascination in watching the unique effects of watercolour create themselves as I watch! Although I have exhibited at several venues local to me I have found most success through my website and social media, where I exhibit all my work. I am also a member of and Artfinder.