Richard Lawrence



Growing up on the south coast of England, my love of the sea, waterways and nature has been a constant in my life. I attended the Portsmouth College of Art and spent four years training to become a technical illustrator – at the exact same time as technology was starting to change the role. I was one of a few at the time that saw the full potential of the digital world. My final project for college was a CAD drawing and animation of the Lloyds Building in London, in it’s entirety. It was a revolution. I joined a local art group, which has proved to be invaluable – helping me to set time aside for art, and allowing me to explore new techniques and skills. My paintings are always personal to me. I will start by taking a photo of the scene or subject I like, always with a mind to turn it into a painting. I will try and capture the right moment in time for the picture, the right light, the right cropping I want. Using the photo or photos as a reference I usually sketch out the basic elements and impatiently start to paint. I can be fairly patient in gouache, but also enjoy the speed at which watercolour allows. Acrylic is a stop start affair, which allows me to work on something over a period of days which I like. Instagram Website