Ravi Batra


I am a self-taught amateur artist and live with my wife Anita,in New Delhi,India.I spent 35 busy years in the oil industry and in 1996,at the age of 63, took up watercolour painting. I was greatly encouraged when,"The Artist",in its May 2002 issue,featured a painting of mine in its column "How I got started". I quote from what I had then written in the column: "Within a mile from where I live in New Delhi there is a number of forts,bridges,mosques and mausoleums that date from the Moghul era and the British Raj.Period buildings fascinate me and I have been painting some of these magnificent structures since 1996.I discovered that an engineering background is of considerable help in getting the perspective right.During this period my wife has been my sternest critic. When she looks over my shoulder and says: 'Your greens are terrible' or 'For better balance the minaret should have been more off-centre', she is invariably right ! " In 2012 my 100 page book featuring a number of my paintings, along with historical,architectural and anecdotal details was published under the title" The Splendour of Lodi Road". (More information about the book can be seen on the net under Google Books). I started this website in October 2016 to include some of my paintings done over the past 20 years and plan to add more 'as time goes by'.Meanwhile, I would very much welcome your comments. Cheers!