Karine Andriasyan


A self-taught artist, I have always loved painting and drawing but with the office job, I had rarely found the time or inspiration. However, when I had quit the office job, my creativity woke up and demanded to be let out. Ever since I've been painting almost every day, and I will never stop learning from the artists who inspire me and who are close to my own vision of the beautiful. I paint in watercolor and acrylics and I like to draw with a pencil, ink pen or charcoal. Each medium gives me a totally different feeling and possibilities to express what I feel. "Expressing the beauty of a moment" would describe why and what I paint. Seeing the beauty in everyday things that surround us, I love a vibrant and atmospheric cityscape or a dramatic landscape. I also love painting flowers and still life as well as portraits. I work in the studio but take every opportunity to paint en plein air. Some of my artworks are now in private collections in the USA, France, Netherlands, Switzerland, Luxembourg, the United Kingdom, Australia, and of course, my native Russia and Armenia. You can find more about me, see my portfolio and buy an artwork at my personal website https://kariandr.com I'd also be delighted if you follow me on Instagram at kariart.studio