Ian Cruickshank


I only started painting about twenty years ago after having spent over thirty years as an engineer in the aviation industry. Though mostly self-taught, my style has been greatly influenced by the works of contemporary artists such as Wesson, Fletcher-Watson, Chamberlain and Yardley, who are all masters of capturing the essence of a scene with simplicity and freshness. I enjoy the sense of freedom that the act of painting and drawing allows me, and having spent the majority of my life in Southern Africa where open spaces abound. I see my art today as a form of escapism, which I believe is particularly important for my creativity, but also an essential aspect to living and coping in today’s busy, materialistic and very “claustrophobic” world. Mood, space and a sense of timelessness are the qualities that I constantly strive to achieve in my paintings. Watercolour, with its wonderful transparent quality, is the perfect medium for this, combined with a fresh and simplified approach, it offers me an ideal opportunity to try and accomplish this. The wonderful landscapes and seascapes of the British Isles inspire me most, with historic buildings, boats and trees being my favoured subjects and are also well suited to my traditional style and approach. I have had many successful solo exhibitions, but presently only exhibit and sell my work locally in Worcestershire. I have also had work accepted by the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolour for their annual exhibition in London. Until recently I was teaching and running my own watercolour art courses in Worcestershire and in the Cotswolds. I have also done many “one day” workshops and demonstrations for local art clubs and societies. I have contributed to Leisure Painter and I am presently in the process of preparing further articles and subject matter for future publications. I am still working part-time for a local Art Gallery, but looking forward to “retiring” one day to spend more of my “leisure” time with my passion for painting.