Elizabeth Elsworth


I am a self taught artist , with three grown up children, living the South Wales. I love all crafts including sewing and crochet and especially love my painting. I first started painting about 5years ago dabbling with watercolours and then quickly moved through to different mediums, like an addiction, eager to learn more. I still have not settled on one favourite medium, but I tend to choose my medium based on the subject matter I am painting, quickly learning that using the best materials you can afford makes a huge difference in the results of your efforts. My family are my biggest supporters but have had some lovely feedback and sales of my work from exhibitons at the our art society and competitions I have entered, which has delighted me to think that others like some of my work. My favourite subject matter changes regularily, but its the play of light and shadows in any subject that inspires me and always has. I hope to continue learning and developing my skills to enable me to produce works that truley represent the feeling I get from the subjects that have inspired me. I hope you enjoy browsing my gallery and thank you in advance for your comments and constructive critique.