Dawn Blatherwick



Dawn is a Yorkshire based oil painter; she works in a very traditional way. She begins with an underpainting and gradually build layers to intensify colour, saturation and depth. She appeared on Sky’s Landscape Artist of the year in 2021 and it was this experience that brought her landscape and portrait skills together. “My family and I have always enjoyed the British countryside; it’s from these visits that the basis of my work begins” I believe the value of a good painting is the ability to draw, to observe accurately, especially with the human form. To be able to capture a person’s resemblance is what has pulled me towards figurative art, I love the challenge, it’s like one big puzzle. Landscape work is more forgiving in the sense that if you don’t add all the leaves, it would not look like the place. The challenge with landscapes is to capture a feeling of the space, to replicate how the viewer perceives it. Bring the two together and you hopefully have encapsulated how the landscape feels through my eyes.