Dave Bryant



I make my art from a unique vantage point, I’m profoundly colour blind. You see brown, I see red, you see blue, I see grey. My work can largely be a pallet of happy accidents, I spent twenty years teaching art to people with visual impairment so I have learned to adapt to my vision, though I do tend to ask people what colour I’m using . I paint with acrylics as these paints offer brighter colours that I can see. I have been described as a pop surrealist in my style of work and my favourite subjects are subcultures within our society, people who like to be different, in a way that is how I like to see my work, something different. My work has been exhibited in the UK and America and I was shortlisted for The British Art 2023 awards. I am represented by The west End Gallery Worthing where my work is for Sale