Rob Brain


Ever since I was a kid my favourite hobby was drawing. At secondary school I was always top of class or close but unfortunately my late father discouraged me, and made me choose metalwork, as he said I’d never get a job doing Art. This had a major impact on me and I lost the desire from that point on to do any artwork. After leaving school in 1980 I tried to get a job in Graphic Design, however due to not having the qualifications I couldn’t get anywhere, although I had a portfolio of work, it wasn’t enough. I started a Graphic Design course which got stopped after 12 months due to lack of students, so I ended up working in manufacturing. I ended up doing the odd art class and was fortunate enough to go to Bournville Art College in Birmingham where I learned to do pastel painting being taught by Aubrey Phillips. One of my paintings in my gallery (Pastel Cat) was done at that time in 1991. I stopped for a while and ended up doing another night class where I was first introduced to Gouache. Another one of my paintings in that medium can be seen in my gallery (Horse in Stable). Again I had a break and finally about 6 years ago went to another class where I first tried Oil painting. I fell in love with this medium and I think it’s my favourite now. I am now interested in trying to master the palette knife technique with no formal training, and I really enjoy it. It’s one of those methods where you can have a happy accident and end up with some great effects often not knowing how you achieved it. Anyway I hope you like my work.