Derek Mutch


DEREK MUTCH – WATER COLOURIST I was never truly interested in painting even in the Art Classes at School where the Art Teacher seemed to spend more time chastising us and using the tops of desks as the quickest route to get to some-one misbehaving! However, in later years my journey through life took me from selling Biscuits (McViites; Crawfords for United Biscuits) then onto Razor Blades & associated products (Gillette) before entering into the dark world of Shopfitting & Joinery. Here I had to explain to customers what I was proposing and the easiest way was to draw and sketch my ideas. I had laid the foundations unwittingly to a future career, in retirement, in which I find amazing fulfilment, often frustration but also gratification. I am self-taught with the help of one art course several years ago. I have no degrees, guilds or letters after my name to show how clever I am. However people tend to like my subtle quirkiness and slant on life’s journeys found in many of my paintings. I am an ‘International Artist’ as I can claim my painting have gone to many parts of the world, selling painting through E-Bay; Facebook and through direct enquiries. I have worked with Author, Steve Haughan and have illustrated the front and back cover and marketing material for his latest novel 'Peshwari Nans'. I have also worked on the sequel which is not yet published. The inspiration for my paintings is found in everyday life events which reflects in my humour, the unexpected and also nature and animals too. If someone says can I do a specific painting I always say yes though I may never have done it before. I only work in watercolour, that unforgiving medium, for which I shall never truly master though I try in my artwork. I love worldwide travel with my wife, and I love photography which links wonderfully with my painting.