Anna Van Dam-Yarovaya


My name is Anna Van Dam–Yarovaya, I was born in Moscow, Russia, but now living with my family in the Netherlands. Though I’ve pursued a professional career in the business, the passion for art, creativity and painting has been always with me. About 15 years ago while living in the US, I took some facultative programs in painting at Chicago Art Institute and for the first time I discovered that actually you can LEARN drawing and painting techniques. Before I was absolutely under impression that it is a gift given to people by the Mother Nature. Since that moment painting became an important part of my life. Finally, I had the skills to express my thoughts, emotions, share something with the outer world and tell my stories. Three elements that are very important for me in any Art are IDEA (What is the purpose or the meaning of my work?), STORYTELLING (What is the story I’m telling?) and INNOVATION (Is there anything new that I’m bringing to this world?). I look for these answers when I watch the works of any artist and I challenge myself with these questions when I create my own paintings. For more works please visit my site Thanks in advance for all your comments, I really appreciate it.