Ramon Omolaja Adeyemi



THE BIOGRAPHY OF ADEYEMI RAMON OMOLAJA Mr. Adeyemi Ramon Omolaja is a professional painting artist with years of experience in different painting works to exhibit natural and environmental activities and occurrences around him. Adeyemi Ramon was born in Lagos, Nigeria on the 15th of January , 1978. He graduated from Ore-ofe primary school, Egbe ,Lagos . He proceeded to Muslim College, Egbe, Lagos for his Secondary School Certificate. He attended The Polytechnic Ibadan and bagged National Diploma (ND)in Art and Design and Higher National Diploma (HND) in Fine and Applied Art. At the completion of his academic pursuit, he joined the National Gallery of Art , Nigeria and rose to the Principal Technical Officer and spearheaded the designing of various projects for beautification of the state. The culture where he grew up also influenced his development into a professional artist because of many natural beautification and creatures around his environment which he also wants to showcase to the entire world via his painting. It has always been his dream to show his world to the entire world and thus improves him. The dedication and creativity made him standout in painting and he will persist in exposing himself to further development. DESCRIPTION OF MY WORK I work with oil on canvas by exploring several issues that are dear to me . I do portraits, landscape, still life and figures. My inspirations are from scenes witnessed around me. With eyes on great deal of fine detail or complexity, my style is fit to convey the most intricate scene to the understanding with the utmost clearness.