Lynda Hodge


I took up my pen/pencil/brush post lockdown in 2021 after a gap of more years than I care to remember. Even through working at a full time career, raising kids, then caring for 4 grandchildren, I have always found time to be creative in some form - knitting, crochet, sewing, embroidery, card-making. I've had a go at many crafts and have always challenged myself by tackling the more complex patterns or designs - I love to learn through challenge - go for it rather than take the slow approach. I joined a couple of local art classes, and found myself immediately hooked on creating. I am still trying out different mediums and subjects, but I think my strengths so far lie in people, portraits and animals - especially using pastels. I exhibited my first few paintings earlier this year, in a local hall with our art club. I sold 4 pictures which absolutely delighted me - it was so exciting to know that other people like your work enough to buy it. This site is my first foray online with my work and I really appreciate any feedback I get as it helps to build confidence and improve my work. I am not looking for anything out of my art other than to develop and improve my skills, and to continue experiencing the joy of creating art.