Anthony B. Lloyd


Biography Antonio Borzillo was born in 1967. He actually works under the pseudonym of Anthony B. Lloyd as a personal tribute to his beloved artistic homeland. During his first years of artistical activity he attended an art school managed by Addis Pugliese, a famous italian painter. Step by step ABL assumed a strong artistical identity and his painting started to be easily reknown, not only in his country. ABL is actually employed as Architect in a famous italian advertising company. After some years spent traveling around northern Europe and a long staying in UK, ABL is now living in Florence ( Italy ). CV ABL reached a local fame with his first personal Exhibition in Latina, in 1995, when 30 operas all dedicated to english landscapes and british country life were exposed for two weeks in the city Art Gallery. On that occasion local Media like RAI3, Il Tempo, Latina Oggi and more gave a great visibility to the artist and all the paints were sold in a while. You can read more about him on SuburbiART and Facebook ( Anthony Borzillo Lloyd ). For more informations: 335 426927 [email protected]