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Gerry Jensen North West Coast Tasmania, Australia




I am an artist living in Tasmania (Oz) who has a passion for painting.. I love it so much I get withdrawals if I cannot do something most days. I was born in Tunbridge Wells and emigrated here with my parents in 1950. I have been painting for over 50 years now (yikes) but still have lots to learn. Each painting for me is a learning experience and every stroke of pastel,oil or pencil teaches me something. I love drawing and think it a very important part of an artists "vocabulary" - if you can't draw ..your paintings will suffer (just my thoughts :) . I have won numerous awards over the past few years .. which is a very humbling experience. I am so blessed to be able to do what I love.

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  • A Few Thoughts.

    A few thoughts on my approach to how I think.....

    Posted on 8 Aug 2017

    A Few Thoughts.
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