Morgane Antoine

Morgane Antoine

Summer 2017 intensive wildlife acrylic painting workshop in Paris Get your brushes out and take advantage of more than 50 hours of advice and personalized tuition from internationally renowned wildlife artist Morgane Antoine! One day of observation, sketches and photos at the « Parc des Félins » (“the Feline Park”, 30+ species of small and big cats) to get to know your chosen model, its anatomy, behavior and character. 5 days of intensive practice in a typical and cosy artist studio in the heart of Paris with explanations and step by step technical demonstrations for a breathtaking hyperrealistic rendering. At the end of the workshop, you will go home with the portrait of your favorite cat plus techniques and knowledge that can be applied to many other subjects! July 16th - July 21st, 2017, all-inclusive workshop for initiated or advanced adults (16 and over, max 10 attendees), taught in English or in French. Info and registration on:


Paris 11 + Parc des Felins, 75011

[email protected]

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