Helen Hanson SBA

Helen Hanson SBA

Residential Courses in the UK in Landscape in Ink and Coloured Pencil Local courses in Deal, Kent - Botanical Coloured Pencil and Nature Into Art (mixed media focusing on the natural world) Seasonal Landscape in Ink and Coloured Pencil day workshops (4 a year)

Originally an etcher, Helen now works in an integrated way using an inventive combination of ink pens and dry coloured pencils.

Her work is strongly seasonal, translating the landscape through techniques involving both media. This is not "colouring in!" Mood, plantlife and a sense of place all play an important part.

She teaches her students how to select, build up an image and invent their own ways of expression using the two media, resulting in some very individual images.

Currently, residential courses are available at Higham Hall in Cumbria, Missenden School of Creative Arts and the Field Studies Council at Flatford Mill and Slapton Ley.



12 Out Downs, Deal, Kent CT14 6FH (UK)

01304370250 and 07483857920

[email protected]


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