Ilkeston Arts and Camera Club

Ilkeston Arts and Camera Club

A joint art and photographic club, based in Ilkeston, Derbyshire.


In late 1902, Alderman Richard Hunt and John Tyrrell, headmaster of Hallam Fields School, met with several other townsfolk for the purpose of forming a club for the Arts. There were several meetings and rules were drawn up. A public launch of the new Ilkeston Arts, Camera and Field Club took place at the Town Hall, Ilkeston on 9th January 1903. The club had been constituted "for the purpose of encouraging and developing the fine arts - painting, sketching, photography, wood carving, music, literature and kindred subjects in Ilkeston and the surrounding district". We are a keen group of amateur Artists and Photographers that meet on a Monday evening from September to April. We have fun evenings and we are all very friendly, we have competitions that engage both Artists and Photographers and discuss a wide range of techniques and styles, we also have demonstration evenings where local Artists will visit the club showing their work and how they have created it, you can even have a go yourself!



Elim Christian Centre, Charlotte Street, Ilkeston, Derbyshire DE7 8LH

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