A guide to attending Painters Online webinars

How to attend Painters Online Zoom webinars

Zoom webinar guide image

Do I need a Zoom account?

No, you don’t need a Zoom account to attend our webinars. You use your name and preferred email address to register for the webinar and you will be sent an email to that email address containing your link to join the webinar.

Do I have to be in the UK to join the webinar?

No, you can register and attend our webinars from any country, however, please bear in mind that the webinar start time will be in UK time. We offer recordings to everyone who signs up to the webinar, so you also have the option to watch the webinar back at a later time.

How do I register?

Click one of our sign-up links and you will visit the registration page. Here you will find all of the information for the webinar and the form to fill in for registration. Simply enter your name and email address and click ‘pay and register’. Here you will have the option to pay via PayPal or credit/debit card. 

Zoom webinar registration

How do I join the webinar?

You will receive a confirmation email as soon as you’ve registered. This email will confirm the details for the webinar and will include a link you will click to join the live webinar. On the day and time of the webinar, simply click this link in your confirmation email, and it will load Zoom and you will be in a waiting room until the webinar goes live. The webinar will automatically load on your screen once it has gone live – then sit back, relax and enjoy! 

Join Zoom webinar

Can I join on any device?

You can join the webinar from your PC, Mac, tablet or mobile phone.

Will I be on camera?

No, as a webinar attendee, you will not be on camera or have the ability to speak during our webinars. You are able to type into the ‘chat’ or 'Q&A’ buttons to ask questions to the host and presenter, or to communicate with your fellow attendees.

What if I have any technical issues during or I’m unable to join?

If you experience any problems during the webinar, please use the Q&A button at the bottom of your screen to ask the host for help and they will try to assist you. If you’re unable to join the webinar, don’t worry, we record the webinars and you will be emailed a link to watch the full recording the day after the live session. 

What happens at the end of the webinar?

Once the presentation/demonstration has concluded and any audience questions have been answered, your host will end the session after they have given any final information. The host will end the webinar for everyone and the window will close automatically. You will see a feedback form pop-up in your browser, once the webinar has ended. We would be very grateful if you could spare a couple of minutes to share your feedback with us. 

An example of how the webinar will look on your screen

Zoom webinar screenshot

*Screenshot taken from Beach lifeguard station at Portrush webinar with Grahame Booth.

The screenshot above gives you an example of what you can expect to see when you join one of our webinars. By clicking the Q&A or chat buttons (highlighted in red), the white boxes will pop-up on your screen to allow you to type in them. These can be closed by clicking the 'X' on each box.

Now you're ready to join one of our exciting painting webinars, visit our webinars page to see what's coming up. New webinars are being added frequently, so keep checking back and sign up to receive our emails to make sure you don't miss out!