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Artistically, what would you most like to acheive in 2015?

 Taking part in an exhibition
 Entering a painting competition
 Visiting more exhibitions
 Exploring a new medium or subject
 Receiving painting or drawing tuition
 Other (please tell us in the forum)

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Our Magazines

  • Leisure Painter December 2014
    Paint a water scene in pastel, wet-in-wet washes for painting autumn leaves, how to paint an apple and more in this month's issue
  • Leisure Painter January 2015
    Paint falling snow with David Bellamy, explore colour mixing, paint a red deer and more in this month's issue
  • Leisure Painter February 2015
    How to paint interesting interiors, use pastels to paint still lifes, paint like JMW Tuner using acrylics and more in this month's issue
  • Leisure Painter March 2015
    How to mix greens, Chinese brush painting, paint landscapes in oil, learn to paint black & white animals and birds and more in this month's issue
  • Leisure Painter April 2015
    How to make a monoprint, paint sparrows for World Sparrow Day, how to paint dramatic skies and misty mornings plus much more in this month's issue
  • Leisure Painter May 2015
    Paint British waterways and sunny garden scenes plus how to draw children's portraits and much more in this 76-page bumper issue
  • The Artist December 2014
    What makes a strong composition, plein air paintings on large canvasses, discover what it's like to paint in front of TV cameras with David Thomas and more in this month's issue
  • The Artist January 2015
    Advice from Steve Hall on watercolour paintings to stand out in open competitions, Ken Howard painting in New York and more in this months issue
  • The Artist February 2015
    Ken Howard on painting in Paris, learn to produce expressive acrylic paintings, paint urban graffiti and more in this month's issue
  • The Artist March 2015
    Oil pastel techniques, the notan principle with Haidee-Jo Summers, overcoming watercolour problems and more in this month's issue
  • The Artist April 2015
    Masterclass with artist Lachlan Goudie, inspiration for painting portraits with Aine Divine, watercolour landscapes with David Parfitt and much more in this month's issue
  • The Artist May 2015
    Interview with artist Daphne Todd, practical advice on watercolour boxes and palettes, proportion and composition for figures and much more

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How Efficient Up A Sweat Collectively New Wii

For the previous few years, 2K Sports has owned 3rd party Baseball license, particular person yourself they're one company that will publish MLB games that isn't named Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo.

RE: Help needed just starting out

[QUOTE]Michael Edwards - 2015-04-01 7:26 PMLook forward to seeing your first posting albert999 Robert - I have just looked at Brandon Schaefer. As he paints in real time on most of his videos his

RE: Sketchbook Collaborations

In terms of publication, I guess that the POL would edit; I'm imagining some kind of magazine supplement. But there could also be a fuller (?) limited edition (?) volume.

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