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How to Paint a Window Box in Acrylics with Wendy Jelbert

Wendy Jelbert paints a window box in acrylics

Paint chicken in the farmyard in watercolour with Wendy Jelbert

Follow Wendy Jelbert step-by-step as she completes a painting of a farmyard using a variety of loose and lively painting techniques.

Sennelier Abstract Acrylics with Wendy Jelbert

Acrylics have just become even more versatile with the recent launch of Sennelier’s Abstract in clever new pouches. Wendy Jelbert puts the rich colours and indestructible packaging through their paces.

How to Paint Night Scenes in watercolour, pastels or acrylic by Wendy Jelbert

Wendy Jelbert offer hints and tips on how to paint night scenes.

How to Paint Garden Flowers in Acrylics with Wendy Jelbert

In this extract from an article in the September 2009 issue of Leisure Painter, Wendy Jelbert looks at how to create different textures using acrylic paints by painting garden plants.

How to paint figures in a sunlit swimming pool

Wendy Jelbert demonstrates how to draw and place four figures in a swimming pool, surrounded by rippling, sunlit water

Pro Arte Mastertouch Brushes

Pro Arte offers a fantastic range of brushes in a variety of sizes and types for all your favourite media. Wendy Jelbert puts its Mastertouch brushes through their paces.

How to Paint Autumn Landscapes in Watercolour

Use watercolour, ink and collage techniques to paint both the vibrantly colourful scenes and subtle mist-like effects of autumn with Wendy Jelbert.

How to Paint Foliage for Riverside Scenes

What could be more iconic of a British summer landscape than a sunny river scene? Join Wendy Jelbert on a riverside stroll, as she tackles colour mixing for assorted foliage in this extract from the first in a new series.

How to use photographs, sketches and other reference materials to create a painting

Wendy Jelbert tells you how to bring together several photographs, sketches and other materials to make one cohesive painting, and sets you the challenge of using one of her photographs to create your own artwork.

How to Draw and Paint Farmyard Animals in Watercolour

Learn to draw and paint ducks and chicken in watercolour in this first part of a new series by Wendy Jelbert. The series continues in October with how to paint sheep and pigs, November tells how to paint cows and horses and the series…