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Masterclass - City scenes in acrylic with Terry McKivragan

Masterclass - Terry McKivragan talks to Oliver Lange about his techniques for using acrylics

Sun Light on a Far away City

Sun Light on a Far away City

How to Paint Watercolour Towns and Cityscapes

Judi Whitton shows how to simplify the scene when painting a town or cityscape.

Chinese brush painting by Jean Long

Jean Long suggests a few simple compositions for us to tackle in order to try out the essentials of this oriental technique

How to paint horses in motion with Bill Truslove

Bill shows how to paint race horses in pastel.

Painting on the Beach with Brian Smith

Brian Smith uses a watercolour sketchbook study to work up a painting of a hot day on the beach.

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Upping the ante with Digital Art - with Cliff Cramp

Cliff Cramp shows you how to achieve professional fine art results using Corel Painter 2020 as he demonstrates a digital seascape painting

How to paint ears

Kathy Barker looks at how to paint ears.

Alyona Nickelsen puts Derwent Procolour to the test

Alyona Nickelsen put Derwent Procolour coloured pencils to the test to see how they would stand up to her coloured pencil painting techniques for abrasive surfaces.

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Atmosphere & Mood in Watercolour: Joseph Zbukvic Joseph is a highly regarded Australian watercolour artist who has the ability to create a magical atmosphere and mood in his paintings. In this film we follow him as he paints in Australia and Venice. He paints a busy…

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Light & Mood in Watercolour: David Curtis

Painting outdoors in all weather conditions is very important to David. Working in pure watercolour in a loose and immediate way he is able to capture the light and mood of a place. Here he chooses to paint the pastural scenery of his…

Alvaro Castagnet in Havana - part 1 & 2 teaser

Alvaro Castagnet's new Havana DVD is due for release on 10th September from APV Films ( Share the experience as Alvaro paints in this fascinating and exciting city. Enjoy excerpts from both part 1 and part 2 in this…

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