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Painting winter trees with David Bellamy

David Bellamy demonstrates painting winter trees in watercolour

How to Paint Crail Harbour in Watercolour by David Bellamy

David Bellamy demonstrates a watercolour painting of Crail Harbour.

How to draw and paint montages of your favourite animals with David Bellamy

Here’s how to draw and paint montages of your favourite animals in their natural habitats. David Bellamy offers practical advice from where to look for inspiration, materials and techniques to exercises you can try at home

Wild Landscapes in Watercolour with David Bellamy

Working in the wilds of Yorkshire David draws and sketches waterfalls, bridges, barns and cottages in the wet, windswept dales. He then travels to the French Pyrenees to paint the rugged scenery of the high mountain peaks covered in snow…

Watercolour Challenges – David Bellamy uses Daniel Smith Watercolours

To celebrate the launch of 5ml tubes of Daniel Smith watercolours, David Bellamy introduces his favourite colours and demonstrates how you can make the most of their granulating effects

Getting the Correct Perspective by David Bellamy

David Bellamy offers helpful advice on how to get the correct perspective when painting landscapes.

Paint Summer Landscapes with David Bellamy

Theodora Philcox reviews the latest DVD by David Bellamy in which David paints summer landscapes in watercolour.

Mildred the penguinsmall
How to paint a penguin in watercolour

David Bellamy shares a narrative painting of Mildred the Penguin