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nose front view
How to paint noses

Kathy Barker takes you through the basics of how to painta nose

How to paint hair

Top tips for painting hair from Ann Witheridge

front on lips
How to paint mouths

Kathy Barker shows how to paint lips for portraiture

KB Stage4 Simon
How to paint portraits with character

Kathy Barker advises on how to bring a sitter to life by focusing on shapes and values rather than detail when working in oils

KB finished
How to paint portraits in charcoal

Charcoal is a beautiful medium and very adaptable for drawing portraits – you can smudge it around or be very precise and detailed, as Kathy Barker demonstrates

KB blue eyes
How to paint eyes

Kathy Barker takes an in-depth look at eyes, showing you how to capture expressions and emotions

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