Pen & wash

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Flower drawing with Jennifer Andrews

Working on flower studies in a natural environment

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Ways with Watercolour: Line and Wash by G J Blockley

G J Blockley explains why drawing and painting should be integrated into a balanced whole

Stepping stones to watercolour with Jan Roddick

Jan Roddick paints flowers in pen and wash.

How to Paint Barges at Pin Mill in Watercolour by William Pickering

Demonstration in line and wash. William Pickering analyses a marine subject that he sketched in situ and finished in his studio.

How to Create Quick and Lively Urban Scenes with Klaus Meier-Pauken

Step-by-step projects for urban sketching.

Line and Wash by Alan Oliver

Alan Oliver describes the constituents of line and wash work and recommends the method for producing interesting paintings fairly quickly.

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