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How to paint figures in a sunlit swimming pool

Wendy Jelbert demonstrates how to draw and place four figures in a swimming pool, surrounded by rippling, sunlit water

How to paint hair

Top tips for painting hair from Ann Witheridge

Paint groups of people in oil with Rob Wareing

Rob Wareing paints a musical trio in oil paint. Demonstrating how to capture people in group situations in your paintings.

Sketchbook People by Albany Wiseman

If you can master depicting the figure you are quite capable of drawing anything, says Albany Wiseman

Tell a Compelling Story by Steve Griggs

Steve Griggs shows you how to paint figures that will add life, movement and suggest a narrative in your watercolour paintings

Painting the figure - a personal approach by Ken Howard

Ken Howard outlines the various aspects which, for him, make painting the figure an exciting challenge.

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