Digital art

Corel prize image2
Upping the ante with Digital Art - with Cliff Cramp

Cliff Cramp shows you how to achieve professional fine art results using Corel Painter 2020 as he demonstrates a digital seascape painting

How to combine traditional and digital techniques for wildlife painting

Mixed-media wildlife artist, Shelly Perkins, shares her unique methods of combining traditional and digital techniques to make her vibrant artwork.

Develop your ideas using Photoshop with Phyllis Davies

Phyllis Davies describes how she uses computer software to create ideas for exciting new paintings and textiles using existing works.

iPad Art with David Paskett

Join David Paskett as he discusses the latest tool in his armory – his iPad. Here’s how to make the most of your own tablet, choose the right app and have fun with drawing and painting in a new way

How to Paint Watercolours from Photographs

In this extract from Start Art 7, Henry W Dixon tells you how to transfer your photo with a computer and then offers a step-by-step demonstration to complete a still life in watercolours.