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How to paint a ladybird

Paul Hopkinson shows how to paint a ladybird in watercolour.

How to add animals to your watercolour paintings

Add animals to your watercolour paintings to bring life and joy, or even whimsy, to the work and create a more human story with Steve Griggs.

How to use blocking in techniques to paint a landscape with sheep

Jackie Garner shows how to paint and modify flat washes and block in your paintings.

squirrel finished no border
How to draw a red squirrel in coloured pencil

Follow Linda Drury as she demonstrates a red squirrel, step-by-step in coloured pencil.

How to draw a cat step-by-step

Rosalind shows, step-by-step, how to draw a cat using coloured pencils

LB Art2
THE BIG DRAW - A climate of change by Linda Birch

Be inspired by this year’s The Big Draw festival theme as Linda Birch studies and records the plants and creatures she finds in her immediate surroundings.

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