Animal also lost food, water and shelter there


Yoko, you have surpassed yourself! This is a fantastic interpretation of the dreadful fires going on at the moment.

Bravo Yoko a fine statement

You've caught it Yoko. The photos we're seeing at the moment are horrific, I think a lot about those animals.

like it a lot Yoko.

Superb interpretation, Yoko, Brava, prosit, as they say here in Gozo, such a desperately dire situation, getting even worse at the weekend I think.

Thank you so much for your supportive comments. Very much appreciated.

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watercolour study. I paint for my pleasure, but also have been looking for what I can do by painting and would like to try how I describe the world's concern ---Save Nature this year.

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My first language is Japanese, my 2nd is my art works and my 3rd is English! I am a self-taught kitchen painter, and feel more exited and happy to express myself by painting and enjoy the way others value me through my art works. Painting might be appreciated as art therapy for me since I jumped…

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