Saw Tooth Beetle

Saw Tooth Beetle

An amazing looking beetle - nicely done, Dave.

Absolutely love this! I love insects and your painting is a beautiful illustration.

This is a wonderful piece of work that appeals to me, and no doubt, many others interested in the 'beauty of the small beasts' I think if you had gone down the art route you would have been poor, so many talented artist, such as yourself, have had such wonderful hopes and dreams fall by the made the right choice, I think.

Posted by C Jones on Wed 26 Jun 13:07:07
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Dave Percival

Art is a hobby to me but since i retired I suppose you could call it more of an occupation. Chief differences from my previous occupation - a) I enjoy it, b) It doesn't pay, c) i can do as much or as little as i like when i like. Perfect. You can also see my work on instagram…

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