Red Geraniums

Red Geraniums

Love the dappled colour Christine and how you have cropped the watering can handle just out of shot, great composition. I've never tried using Acryics in a watercolour fashion.....perhaps yet another way I can use up my old stock!

This is charming and so lovely and loose. I would never have known that this was done with acrylics.

Christine - this looks so loose and spontaneous. It is lovely. I have just been reading about the use of acrylic in loose washes and it obviously works well. I am battling with watercolour!

Nice work Christine!

This is lovely Christine. I have been wondering about trying Golden liquid acrylics.

Great little painting!

this is a lovely fresh painting Christine well done

I am also amazed at what you have achieved with acrylics. It really looks like watercolour in the photograph, do you notice the difference when close up ? Whatever, the result is a success, lovely fresh washes.

Thank you everyone for your lovely comments. Golden Fluid Acrylics are really lovely to use and as you can see used wet in wet or with a lot of water added act and look exactly like watercolour. The range of colours is extensive and, although a bit pricey, you can get a reasonably priced starter set of ten 30ml bottles from Jacksons. They last ages as a very little goes a very long way using this technique. I used Fabriano Artistico HP extra white paper which works well with them.

Really impressed - what a great result - almost (almost) tempted to try them myself

I've never got on with acrylics but, like Michael, I'm almost tempted to give these a try, this is lovely.

Thanks Christine, they are vibrant colours, very tempting".......

Thank you Michael,Val, Annette and Carole, I think Golden should pay me commission!

This is so beautiful, Christine. Love the spontaneity of the drawing and the bright colours.

Thank you Mia, I really enjoyed doing this and, as rarely happens for me, I was pleased with the result!

Absolutely splendid work, Christine! I love the flow of the washes and the looseness of the piece.

Fantastic result Christine! It's looks so fresh and beautiful and the composition is great. I've been tempted by buying Goldens too but the thick ones. So far I have found them too expensive but perhaps I'll order a sample pack of six.

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I've been following with interest a thread on the forum about using acrylics as watercolours. I find that Golden Fluid Acrylics work well and, for me, at any rate, are much easier to use than watercolours! This quick pen and wash was painted using these acrylics.

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