Wendy your portraits are alway classic, but you have excelled yourself on this one, love the hazy shadow you have created. Same happens with me, some time the one your not quite happy with and had to work a little bit harder on, always turns out to be the best

thanx peter, i know what you mean every time i hate my drawings others like them, i dont get it

Self-critique is always the most harsh! Certainly not warrented in this case.

thanx gudrun

I really like this one too. It looks quite sculptural. It looks very three-dimensional. The pose you have chosen is interesting. It looks quite difficult to get exactly right. Maybe that's why you're not happy with it. I think it's a great drawing and exactly Right is draughtsmanship not art. Sometimes when I upload music to my favourite music site icompositions, the tracks I am least happy with it get the most plays. I don't get it either. :)

Hang on Studio Wall

graphite drawing, thought id have another go at it , but not really happy x

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