white chess pieces

white chess

Hi Trevor - your values are spot on! Nice work.

Love a game of chess

Thanks for the comments, being an avid chess player was my inspiration

Very good indeed

Firstly, painting on flabby canvas won"t help the look of a finished image. If you want to paint on a textured surface, use canvas board. The images here are more or less symmetrical. Draw studies of them to get a feel of shape and start off with a vertical centre line to get a balanced shape. Use a decent and small brush to straighten the outlines. The shadows are a mess. If you aren't sure how to do them, use a 'wash'...diluted colour. Sometimes shadows reflect the colour of the subject, but not often. A dark brown , raw umber, van dyke brown or even sepia is better than black which I would dump! I could say more but this is as much as you need! RK

Thanks for your critique Roger. These are only meant to be a bit of fun, not serious art. Incidentally there is no black in my pictures.

Great exercise in tone,nicely painted.

Hang on Studio Wall
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acrylic on canvas , again each canvas about 2x2 with easel

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Just retired early at age of 63. I am self taught and not all of my pictures are worthy of display! I just like to paint and if it turns out alright then that is a bonus. Even better if it is worthy of framing! ANY comments positive or negative would be appreciated as I am still learning.

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