Had one of these on the lawn outside my front door the other day - little perisher ran away the minute I got my camera out: they are extraordinarily beautiful, and playful - and mine (mine!) heard a sound, or saw a shadow of a bird, and just froze, utterly motionless - even the tail was arched into total stillness! And I was too transfixed by watching him (or her) to get the camera into action in time. I think by the way that you need better pencils than W H Smith's: there are many superb pencils out there - admittedly they aren't cheap - but don't let inferior materials spoil your work, because we have more than enough to contend with without being handicapped by scratchy, under-pigmented, unsympathetic pencils. W H Smith's products aren't the worst by any means, but I wouldn't use them for serious work, and you deserve better.

That's a lovely about the squirrel , they are adorable. And I totally agree about the pencil quality . I shall give some better ones a go before I give in . Big thanks c😁😁

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First attempt with watercolour pencils . Used the wh Smith ones to see if I like them or not . Mmm I'm not too sure 🙃

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