Towards Xaghra Plein Air

Towards Xaghra Plein Air

I love this, Thalia. I feel as though I’m standing next to you.

Interesting to see your set up Thalia

Coming on a treat, lovely to see you working Thalia.

Oh what a beautiful comment, Seth...I truly wish you were! I love to paint plein air with other artists!John, it's a very unstable pochade and far too heavy...I have 2 titanium plates in my back!!! I'd love one of those US lightweight plein air boxes but can't afford them! Thanks Carole, it was a lovely morning!

Very good Thalia. It is like being there.

It must be wonderful to be in such a tranquil place, Thalia. I love your painting so far.

Thank you Richard, and ellen, what kind comments! It's not so tranquil everywhere over here!!! For instance, this weekend there is a firework contest on the hill depicted in the picture, ie Xaghra!!!

What a beautiful place to paint - such lovely views. Love your painting so far Thalia. The colours are so close to the landscape and so natural.

lovely painting. I know what you mean about the boxes - I'd like an OpenM box (apparently only 1lb!!!) but to expensive at the moment for me. One day!!

Thank you for sharing your plein air painting and view, Thalia.

Gorgeous, feel like I'm there!

Simply perfect Thalia, a wonderful way to show your painting

Oh, thank you, Carole, I paint plein air to attempt to keep my colours close to our landscape, that's so good of you to say so!. Absoloutely right, Georgina that's the one I'd like, from the US, but cost far too much for me! Thank you Rachel and David, I wish you were here!!! We could all have such fun! No one here seems to want to come out with me...

That must be tricky to paint but you definitely know what you are doing Thalia. Really nice to see your plein air setup.

Posted on Sat 21 Apr 15:22:10

Thanks Ibolya, I've adjusted the sky a little as it was too heavy. I'll post the revised version tomorrow.

Hang on Studio Wall

At last the wind has dropped enough for the easel to be stable! This was painted this morning as the sun peeping over the Xaghra [shah-ra] hillside. Contra jour, the light was only beginning to creep across the scene. I feel the sky may need a bit of adjustment, and I shall put more flowers into the hedge grass as it was full of red campion and borage. Lovely to be out in the fields again!

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